by Mea Culpa

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Mea Culpa's debut release "Murmur".

Recorded during the summer of 2013 entirely in Dylan's bedroom in Vermont.

Completely written and recorded by Sean McConnell and Dylan Sylvester.


released December 4, 2013

Sean McConnell - Guitar, Bass, Banjo, Piano, Vocals
Dylan Sylvester - Drums, Percussion, Vocals

Mixed and Mastered by Sean McConnell and Dylan Sylvester

Lyrics/Words on "Comfort" originally by C.S. Lewis



all rights reserved


Mea Culpa Burlington, Vermont


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Track Name: Gasoline & Flesh
We are all born with the same gaps in our teeth
Ripped out and torn jagged by straw
So we put lead in our cavities, that pull our jaws to the floor
And put machines through our tongues
To silence the thought that beauty resides in those holes

To gods who fear our half-beating hearts, and warn those who feel them
To a visage of disfigurement who loves all
A mouth full of gasoline and flesh

So creators maim our chest to lead with our eyes
And speak with our heels and wrists so they can always see us
Dry up our wells, lease us with thirst, and beg for god to come

We are not hollow creations who feel with the skin of machine
We are the marrow of our lungs, expelling us into the floor
We are the thoughts of those giants who stood before us
We are the men who machines fear

We are the unwanted smoke of visionaries
We are the steal down our barracks
We are the throat scratched raw from silence
We are a conquest, that’s not to be lost
Track Name: Que Sera
Que sera sera
Que sera sera
Oh it is, what it is

Mothers, hold your daughters
Fathers, hold your sons
They’re driving out your bones
You’ll work ‘till you’re gone

She loved us all the same
She loved me everyday
It’s all she had to give
I pray she’s with the lord

Save your words, my friend
Of better times
You’re all that’s left in this world
Please don’t close your eyes
Track Name: Comfort
If you look for truth
You may find comfort in the end
If you look for comfort
You will not get comfort, or truth
Only soft soap
And wishful thinking to begin
And in the end

(Lyrics/Words originally by C.S. Lewis)
Track Name: Mourning Dust // Welcomes Rot
Mother’s flesh, her bones have fled
To earth, before ash takes them
Headstones to home
Her calcified lungs
That the bones neglect to bring
Her gums to bleed ‘till scabs are brought
And floods to drown them

Borrowed children’s words and thoughts
Her teeth were meant to grind them

Calmed the air, to which they take chest and hands to mend them
The cancer that was left
Coins a gaze and mouths sewn shut

Mourning dust
Welcomes rot