The Laws of Gods and Men

by Mea Culpa

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Recorded in the spring of 2014, in a barn in Richmond, Vermont. Special thanks to the Sylvester family for putting up with our noise, and the new-born baby birds who contributed to almost every track.

And thanks to everyone who downloads or listens to this release. It means the world to us, and we'll have more music coming very soon.


released September 26, 2014

Sean McConnell - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Ukelele, Percussion
Dylan Sylvester - Vocals, Drums, Percussion

Written, produced, engineered, mixed, and mastered by Mea Culpa



all rights reserved


Mea Culpa Burlington, Vermont


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Track Name: Sleep
I can't sleep without the constant ring in my ears
A void that never dulls
A hand-sized chest covers me up
I'm exposed
My stomach spills onto my sleeve
I never needed someone to keep it in place
It's wrong of me to hold onto
But it's all I felt
Track Name: Self Help Books
I saw you looking for him between the pages of self-help books
And I’ve been looking for him in these notes
He loved that grace he left us
Abandoned on my doorstep and starved
That nothing kept him sane
Water down the wine and fill up the well
Track Name: Grace
My grace you’re gone
My bones are hollow
And veins grown dark with dusk
The dreamless sleepers mourn
For thoughts and eyes gone blind
They’ll never feel her touch
Their mothers weep and drown
Sorrows on their backs
They lack their marrow
Laying grace on their cheeks
An outline pressed against tongue
My grace my love you left us burying you
My grace my god you loved us looking to you
For all the world’s water
To dry up our mouths
And bury your bones
My grace my god you left us
Track Name: Fear In Our Hearts
I'll keep my doors unlocked, in hopes that your ghost will find it's way into my room. But it's always the same, and I'm just giving myself another reason not to sleep at night. I'll spend my days staring at ceiling tiles, letting all these thoughts roll to the back of my head. And through it all I'll just be wishing it was one of those nights where I was struggling to stay awake in your bed. And After all these months I still can't believe how I got here. Spent half a year alone, but these arms still yearn to be someone's home. I don't know if I can make sense of these words, so I'll just stay in bed with my memories and pray that someday they'll sober up my head. It's that soft touch that calms my shaking bones, and nurtures my frail skin to keep from collapsing. It's what makes these crooked legs march in time, like they've found purpose when all seemed lost. And I guess I owe it all to those long nights spent grinding my teeth, that I've found strength in what used to frighten me. We are not all lost and bound. We have this fear in our hearts that drives us to carry on. Until our eyes no longer see, and our once-beating hearts reside in the ground. You see, we are not all lost and bound.

For lovers who leave
To fill up their arms
I know a hole in a bed
That will blanket yourself

We are not all lost and bound